Buy a political office…

The amount of money funneled into political campaigns is disgraceful!  It is symbolic of a baited hook to the winner.  Once in office they have a huge debt to repay.  I truly there should not only be a cap on such spending but also a law that says the money spent should be matched dollar for dollar to put toward feeding and or housing  homeless.  What has become of this country, greed is the name of the game for 1% of the population.  Control over our elected officials converts the promises into lies or at least severe exaggerations.  Politicians are mere puppets and marionettes who talk, walk and dance to the tune of their backers.   Can they honestly believe they can make a difference or is it delusions of grandeur?  Are we to really swallow these statements made during a campaign?

I would like to know if you agree.

~ by judylove64 on July 7, 2012.

One Response to “Buy a political office…”

  1. Yes, I agree to a degree. I do think politicians think they can make a difference, but find out that they cannot alone. Our current political parties are so divisive that nothing can get done. Years ago (in our lifetime), politicians could work together – and did. The solutions weren’t perfect but they were better than nothing being done. I don’t think there are easy answers. Just hope that the younger generation (20-somethings) will do better than the current ones in power.

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