My conflicted dog

Jessie is a very conflicted female with gender, sexual and breed identities. She is the only female dog that I know who lifts her leg to piddle. She thinks she is a Pit Bull rather than a Lhasa apso. She sounds like she would rip a leg off if given the chance but in truth she will turn tail(literally) and run the other way. When she was younger she had a stuffed purple monkey and then a green frog both which were as big as she. She would go to the creature grab it by its neck run across the room and jump on the sofa stuffed animal still in her grip. Then she would pull it up , press it on the back cushion and grab it with her front paws and ride it. To say the least it was embarrassing when I had company and my girlfriend and her husband both roared to see this performance. I do not think they have dog therapists and even if they did I could not afford it.

She also thinks I am her pet and she the owner. A pure alpha female who believes I am her litter mate. She is still a hoot. I watched America’s funniest videos and a chow Chihuahua who walked on its front feet with rear legs up in the air walked and urinated leaving a zig zag water line behind it – won $100,000 can you imagine. I need to get my video camera up and running especially when she tries to dry my hair with her coat.

~ by judylove64 on July 6, 2012.

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