Lawsuit……. for penis distress dismissed – Thank God!

The problem was A) Inmates try anything to get a risse (no pun intended) out of nurses looking at their genitals!   I did not look but his claim on time could have been grossly exaggerated, B) His complaint was he had pain upon urinating C) he waited for the next sick call to see about it knowing we had medical coverage 24/7 D) He kept laughing during the emergency hospital visit (a make shift Er in the infirmary) so I did not think his complaint was legitimate – The outcome was there was no policy stating erections over 4 hours go to ER, there would not have been any other treatment than an inplant whether the time. His lawyer was extremely frustrated during the deposition not being able to trap me into saying things like: How many urinary infections have you diagnosed (answer) None I am a nurse not a diagnostician, ok, How many urinary infections have you prescribed medication for (answer) None I am a nurse not a diagnostician,. This one totally bypassed my logic: do you watch NASCAR? what?
I told my lawyer I was a little hard of hearing and he told the opposing lawyer so the deposition started with him yelling at me until I raised my hand and when allowed to speak I said, “I am hard of hearing not DEAF and your volume is intimidating to me” He told the stenographer do not put that in the record but he did. When I reread the deposition I get a few chuckles, especially when I was terrified pre depo. However when I felt myself getting the upper hand I gained momentum. My lawyer and his paralegal asked for a break towards the end and told me he had done so because the other lawyer was loosing it shortly after we went back it ended. Of course on the off the record time the two lawyers exchanged penus remarks -apparently this is a hot topic for legal issued in correctional field.
Well I guess $250,000 made the pain and suffering worth it.

~ by judylove64 on July 6, 2012.

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