My mother was so afraid she would get it but she did not though she had an occlusion of carotids and impairment with Aortic valve in heart. In thinking back, it seemed to me it is more difficult for loved ones and friends to deal with because they see the devastating changes and the loss of memory. For many patients’ that have this disease their short term memory is shot but they can remember long term and can reminiss about the past. They are not as aware as the family and friends are of changes in the patient.

It becomes more difficult as the disease progresses and takes the patient back to infant like stages with all of the needs for personal care and feeding of an infant. At this point the individual is even less aware of their condition. It is a sad and cruel disease but so is seeing someone who was loved deteriorate from any other terrible condition like cancer or senility. Mom was with us the last month of her life and while it was very hard and frustrating to see her slid down so quickly at least we were here when she passed. I was sitting in the chair opposite her. We had just cleaned her up and turned her. Her eyes opened and it was like the air went out of a balloon- she seemed to be sucked from this earthly body in a flash-I never saw anyone die like that before. Since we had had a home visiting MD we did not need to call the police until my boys got a chance to come and pay their respects. The ME came and said “you have taken exceptional care of your mother and you should be pleased to know this I have seen many who were not taken care of this well. That was a tribute to my daughter and her help -she was formerly a CNA in a nursing home and without her help I could not have managed alone


~ by judylove64 on July 6, 2012.

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