Don’t rock the boat!

Things with my daughter and her family problems have apparently straightened out and for the first time in months I heard a happier woman on the phone.  She and the gang went to see the fireworks as a family and her husband is again home.

The situation was started about four months ago when the oldest (16) made allegations of rape allegedly as a rebellion to her mother’s refusal to ok her plan to spend the weekend with her boyfriend.  She walked out of the house and went to police dept.  Blam (as Emeril would say) the proverbial “Sh*t hit the fan”.   Everything went downhill from there.  Long story shortened:  She spent time in Juvenile detention for threatening to kill her mother and after being place on suicide watch was placed on antidepressants.  When she returned home she was a different kid.  She starting following the rules and helping with household chores and is minimally “mouthing off”( this is a teenage thing-I guess).  Ashley went to lawyer to state she made these claims in anger and “they were not true”.  Whether or not true the situation was out of hand-I guess we will never know. 

It is my philosophy to look at bad situations and extract the good that can be found from the lessons learned:

  • Ashley was depress for years and is now showing signs of progress- she volunteered to give blood to help others who needed help.
  • The family is undergoing therapy
  • Dad is home and Rebecca is happy to see her father after all of this time
  • Carol has realized some good things about give and take
  • I am trying to keep my mouth shut and not offer advice except in the situation of stopping the antidepressants –both Carol and Ashley want them to be stopped- I say NO it has helped her to get back on track why rock the boat?

~ by judylove64 on July 5, 2012.

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