I have been diagnosed with this  and it is unclear to me and I presume to medical doctors as well.  It seems to be a catch all for “I really do not know”.  It is at present in my left arm and causes my fingers to tingle like they were asleep.  It is very disconcerting and distracting.  At times it is a painful ache down my arm and even feels like shooting jolts of electric into my hand.  It seems to be getting worse in the past few months though I am taking Neurontin to help>  That plus Motrin but it still remains -I cannot imagine what I would feel if I were not taking something.  I tell you this only because my typing is not going well I sometimes cannot tell if I hit the keys or not.  If this is part of getting older I do not like it!  If not I still do not like it!  I can only hope someone will find a med to relieve the problems it is causing me.  There are many others who are probably worse off and I wish they also could get relief.  I have a fairly high pain threshold for example I broke my wrist in the same arm and for 6 weeks I kept telling myself that it was just a sprain when I went to orthopedic MD he said “you are pretty tough”  What he did not say was tough old bird but being clairvoyant I knew his unspoken words.

~ by judylove64 on July 4, 2012.

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