on a mission to be a “cute” grandma…

I am certain that after asking God to take control of my situation(s)( as I am not able to do on my on account) that He has changed things in my life.  This has occurred within a period less than one week.  I am no longer intimidated by my ability to paint and it seems am able to decide to start something and work until it has met my personal likes.  We all have been given gifts but often let them wither and die from non use.  Writing is another that I love and I have a unique sense of humor that is a saving grace in my particular life.  It is both a way of venting and a challenge to attract and hold the interest of my audience(s). 

In the past five days I have seen the fruits of His love and answers to my prayers.  I have felt empowered and more self secure.  For the first time in many months,even years I am taking a personal interest in  my  appearance.  Example:  I hate having hat hair-you know the look like you just took off the hat and your hair is compressed to your head.  I finally bought some “volumizing Mouse'” and though it helped was not enough.  Yesterday I went for the big guns, a curling iron-wow I haven’t had one in years.  I do not like looking older but by all that is holy I will not look any worse than I have to!  Also bought a lipstick another big purchase my other one melted in the hot sun :(. 

I am on a mission to be a “cute” grandma.

~ by judylove64 on July 3, 2012.

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