My art work looks like…I think it is a cross between Dr. Seuss and Van Gogh.


Don’t get me wrong I am loving it- it is the best thing for me especially right now. I have changed my ho hum routine to a more disciplined one and I am sleeping better and feel more sure of myself too. As I said previously I have gotten a new sense of empowerment and it feels like I grew muscles overnight. While it is exciting to see someone come around it is scary too. I do not want it to go to my head. (I am sure that will not be a problem). It is the longest I have had feeling good and today I even said “Life is good” a sort of prayer said while driving. Some of the cartoons on Facebook have hit home to what I am saying. One in particular stands out “your body can do anything (be anything) it is just your mind that needs convincing”!

I am also convinced that aromatherapy play into good mental hygiene. Certain smells produce a sense of wellbeing; for me the combination of vanilla oil and almond oil (from a oil shop like the one on 106th street in NYC) have a wonderful calming effect. Other odors trigger memories like the smell of bananas, cigar or pipe smoke, salt water/ ocean odors all remind me of the annual vacation lasting 10 days at Ocean Grove NJ south of Asbury Park. It was my grandfather’s ritual to buy fruit from the market when we got there and by the end of 10 days it was either gone or needed to be -it was plenty ripe. Sounds too evoke memories like crashing waves, gulls screeching overhead, merry-go-round music; tastes like hot dogs and orange juice, ice cream made at the board walk, soda from an automat like shop or taffy . Mostly these are from the same vacation spot but it was the greatest vacation ever. Eating out for all meals, riding amusement rides, shopping for whatever when it rained rather than sitting at the beach, Oh I cannot wait for the time machine to get done I will be the first in line.

Another vacation included going to the mountains which was ok quiet and since I was at the age of 13-15 I had little interest in fishing or getting up at dawn to do it. The mountains were beautiful but my experiences were different in that I bond

with my maternal grandmother. She and I would stay at the cabin and play cards and listen to a radio which was static and fading stations and mostly consisted of revival programs. It was still a memory that I enjoy reviewing. Boy how I digress; like climbing a tree up the trunk and off out on a limb. I believe it is called tangential.


~ by judylove64 on July 3, 2012.

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