Ownership of a manhole?

Last year Irene dumped up to 7 inches of rain then followed my the next one we were swimming.  The house sits well below street level and not only does the rain run down hill but the sewer lines are higher at the street level.  At the lowest point is a manhole which forced water to gush water and sewage up and onto the lawn.  It also pushed water back thru the toilet on the same ground level and caused flooding into the first floor -end result “Black Mold”.  After many hours of calling and contacting people the town declared “there is no record of the town ownig this manhole and therefore it is the owner’s problem.”  This conveniently dumped the cost back into my friend and landlord’s lap.  The obvious to me is that it is a sewer and manhole and has to belong to the Town!  I do not recall seeing ads for manholes and or sewer lines installed at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  What further complicates the problem is there are easements allowing houses up the street ( again higher level) to cross the property lines and use this same low point connection to this same manhole.  It was said also that it would probably need to be settled in court.  My friend lives in Tx and wants to sell at a drastic reduction- just get rid of it.  Last year I spent over one month of calls and estimates for mold remediation etc only to give up in  frustration (I am only the tenant and if the landlord is not willing to pursue this issue no one listened to me).

Once again rereading my litany of notes I am inflamed and feel it is an issue worth fighting for if she can have the necessary info maybe she IS eligible for Town to take the ball and pay previous expenses. 

She says if I can get money for this it is mine but it is not the money but rather the principle that galls me.  I have been known as a fighter of sorts for my patients and patient advocate.  This is the same thing though she is not my patient she still deserves someone to fight for her- she is my best friend.

~ by judylove64 on July 2, 2012.

One Response to “Ownership of a manhole?”

  1. Go for it! Black mold is not something to live with. Your health is most important – as you know more than most people. I hope it gets settled. The “ownership” part is ridiculous. What about talking to a city or county supervisor? They are the ones who should be helping you.

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