Taking care of me, not an easy task …

This is a copy of a note sent to my housemate who has taken advantage of a good thing and abuse the privileges which I put in place- now for survival sake I must stand and defend my dislikes, no easy job for me.

I have obvious difficulty standing up for my rights and confrontations are especially hard but I am writing to let you know this situation is not working for me. I have tried to be helpful to a fault and have allowed myself to be in a situation which has caused me to withdraw from the issue .

I am not pleased with firstly the car situation. I have tried patiently to wait for you to find another means of traveling but see nothing in sight. I would like to have the driveway for parking my car and if your truck will not be going I would appreciate that it be up at the street level. I had plans last night to go to the mall but you did not return as stated. Now iis Sunday and I would like to go to early church but no car.

I have noticed you are unhappy with the situation here. I feel that at times your mood is obviously angry at something (even my dog). I told you in December about the dog and that I am not the greatest in housekeeping so hopefully you have not forgotten this.

I am not sure about what my plans are for the next few months since it would be in my best interest to move and leave this money drain behind. I need to step up to the plate and make decisions and follow thru with them rather than avoiding .

I cannot imagine it is healthy to have mold damaged carpets in the house -though in the garage there is no barrier to prevent air contamination to the rest of the house. This needs to be gotten rid of.

~ by judylove64 on July 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Taking care of me, not an easy task …”

  1. You didn’t ask him for anything specific except putting his car on street level. If you would like him to leave, perhaps you need to tell him that outright. Are you afraid of him? I would be. Do you have someone (a male might be preferable) who could be with you when you talk to him?

    • I am not afraid of him but of ugly confrontations with him or anyone- I just seem to shy off and “swallow my own needs” I have been like this for most of my life- do for others and my wants and needs go by the wayside. Not saying this is right but it is the way I have been since I can remember.

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