The Bullied Bus Monitor

The school bus monitor who was beiing bullied:
I cannot believe the reactions against this woman or any others who are victims of disrespect and bullying- How would these people feel being victimized and how can these parents hold their heads high knowing they have at some point allowed their parenting to send a message to their kids that this behavior is ok? They (the parents and kids) should also be required to go thru …counselling. The money is irrelevant is it simply a showing of how many people supported her thru this humilliation. The video cameras are in place for the purpose of recording the kids behavior and the kids know the cameras are recording their behavior. They were defiant and thumbed their nose at the authorities by acting this was especially on video
Kids are angry and out of control parents have made their children into monsters by giving them too much freedom of expression.  They are even killing their peers.  Those supporters who side against the monitor are wrong!.

~ by judylove64 on June 30, 2012.

One Response to “The Bullied Bus Monitor”

  1. This episode made me ill. I couldn’t watch the video and I cannot understand how anyone can treat another person with such disrespect. Who knows how those students are raised. Who knows what their parents are like. Sometimes kids are more respectful than their parents (thinking about one of my daughter’s classmates in elementary school). Some parents are inattentive. Usually, kids are like their parents. Hence, the saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” But, not always. Remember the movie The Bad Seed? I try not to judge a person without knowing more about them. However, it seems that these students were behaving “normally” for them. I do hope something happens to change their behavior.

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