Helper doggie…

Jess is my helper doggie and I made up a tune to go with the words “helper doggie I love you , helper doggie do you love me too, helper doggie will you help  me too, Helper doggie we got work to do”!  When she hears this song she comes to attention and is ready to work unfortunately it is questionable how helpful she is.  When I do the laundry she routes thru the hot laundry either in the basket or in a large green bag pulling out things and running away with them or goes after the folder things and repeats her playful puppy like behavior. 

She also helpls me after my shower.  She patiently waits by the tub and licks the water off my legs thereby helping me dry? I guess.  We proceed to the bedroom where I am now ready to dry my clean hair.  She jumps up on the bed, up on my back (with her sharp nails) and pulls the towel off my head.  Now she attempts to dry my hair by rubbing her coat on my head (while I am laying down) .  She rubs first one side then the other and shakes the water off.  This continues thru the hair dryer session and seems to love having the hair dryer blown on her too.

I get more chuckles from her attempts to take care of me.  If I cry she comes and licks the tears off my face.  I some times cry because she is so rough she lunges at me while dressing and nips and God help me sometimes she chumps on some very sensitive and delicate areas too.

~ by judylove64 on June 30, 2012.

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  1. Made me smile!

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