Where dreams live…

The other night I awakened with a severe headache at about 2 am.  I had had a horrible dream.  I dreamed that someone was in my bedroom, it was dark and I could not see the person but knew he intended to rape me..  While the dream had no actual sexual content, it made me realize that someone(s) were trying to forceably take over me.  I fought like hell, kicking and trying to scream but nothing came out.  I knew to survive I had to do it myself.

Dreams are to me very symbolic and if I take the time to analyze the symbols I cn learn what is keeping me in the same rut.  The headache I would have guessed was do to an increase in blood pressure and it took hours for it to go away.  The dream and content have been with me for days but last night I really slept well. 

Some of my dreams are like mini novels going on for what seems hours though I suspect not actually.  Each night I escape the world of reality and drigt off into another world where things are strange and seemingly unreal- fantasy I guess.  Most of my dreams are pleasant even wonderful.  Flying is a speciality it just requires a strong flapping of your arms and a fast sprint then up in the air you go.  Some time it is just a few feet off the ground but once it was in the top of the arch of the church.

Everyone dreams but some cannot remember.  Even dogs dream.  It always puzzled me when working in the Special Care Nursery what premies could possibly dream but you could what the REM (-rapid eye movement) which is a sign of deep sleep where dreams live.

~ by judylove64 on June 29, 2012.

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