” A blogging we will go”

Blogging is like having someone to talk to over my coffee though not reply it not really different than talking to Jessie my friend, love and dog.  She turns her head and listens as if trying to get a better understanding of what is said.  From what I have read they are in tune to the vocal tones and inflections.  Whatever it is it is really cute, however if I spend too much time typing and ignoring her she starts.  I never saw or for that matter actually heard a dog complain “under their breath” but she does.  First it starts out with a monasyllable and quickly continues on to more syllables followed by wagging of her tail and a bark.

I have little tolerence for anyone criticizing her and even less for anyone being rough or hurting her (that includes scaring her in the guize of “playing”).  My housemate does not like her that is apparent.  Her barking is intolerable to him and at one point recently swatted at her with a thin catalog/ advertizement.  One of the prerequisites when advertizing for a housemate was “must love dogs (or at least like them).  When I go out and cannot take her I put her in the bedroom to keep her safe.  When she was just a pup not quite a year my ex kicked her and she yelped.  Since then she has a dislike for men.  Her barking when he comes home is just a way of asking to play and pet her.  She barks like crazy and then ruuns to get one of her “babies”, wags her tail and waits for the attention she does not get.  I am thinking his time here is getting short and I have many things that annoy me and I can see why he is divorced x’s 2.  He starts  jobs and makes promises he does not keep about helping about the house, cutting the grass etc.  His day is full with outside jobs since he is a lf employed contractor.  He also has committments to his girl friend so I know he says he will do some things like the grass but unless he lseep walks I cannot imagine when or why it would puzzle him when I hired someone to cut the grass that was going towards 12-15 inches.  Can you imagine?

Blogging is a means of venting and sharing things with others so I am happy that I started- just wish I could get more people to read them.

Have a safe, healthy and wonderful weekend and be fore warned about fireworks injuries.

~ by judylove64 on June 29, 2012.

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  1. Vent away!

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