My girl Jess…

My girl Jessie a Llasha Apso who will turn 9 this year.  She is extremely in tune to my moves and words.  Her vocabulary has increased ten fold since 2007 when I retired.  Some of the words she reacts to : thunder (run for your life , hide , run), Suprise (searches my purchases in the bag or jumps on the couch looking through my pocket book), church (I cannot go so I will sulk and go under the bed).  The other night she sat by the dresser and waited for me to read what she wanted-I had a pile of laundry collecting in that very spot for two nights and she had made it her “beddie”.  That day I decided to put them in my laundry basket and she wanted them back on the floor so she could go to sleep (she is very certain of what she wants and will not relent until I give in).  On another occasion we went to the pet store where I had bought her a “surprise”.  The bags were set on the back seat and she on my lap as we started for home.  While I was driving I said “Jess I forgot I bought you a “surprise”.  At that point she jumped into the back seat and routed thru the back.  She located the rawhide bone, grabbed it and returned to her position on my lap with bone in mouth.  I am convinced she has a high IQ for a dog.  I never hit her and only infrequent raise my voice to scold her (maybe 6 or 7 times in 9 years)   She is the absolute love of my life and a continious source of unconditional love.

~ by judylove64 on June 28, 2012.

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  1. And that’s why they say that a dog is a “man’s” best friend!

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