Reflections of life in the past year

I look at my photo history and realize I have been blessed in so many ways.  Yet it also makes me sad.  Where did my life go?  I had money and looks and still I chose to take it all for granted.  Today I look around and wish I had planned better.  If I had money I would happily spend it beautifying the yard; trimming shrubs, clearing old heavy willow tree limbs and tending to my flower beds.  I guess my motivation left in July with my daughter and kids when they moved to Arkansas.  Even with it all;–the yelling& fighting between siblings.   I guess I would be happy to have them back.  They worked very hard around the house keeping the grounds up.  They even got a gazebo like screened out door shelter.  We were able to sit in the yard without feeding the mosquitos.

Last year marked many losses and changes:

  • Mom died
  • Carol and kids moved out
  • Dave my brother came and stayed for three months
  • Dave left for the Caribbean and became very hateful in the process
  • I got a housemate
  • I was interviewed and could have gone to work thru an agency but I was turned down for malpractice since I had a law suit pending (2006) 
  • I lost my license for three months and incured about $3-4000

This year has brought closure to many things

  • My divorce finalized
  • I went back to driving
  • The lawsuit was dropped
  • I am waiting to hear about malpractice decision I pray I can go to work that would provide the extra money to do things here
  • My brother reached out in need

Half of the year now gone.  It is time for more positive changes and choices.  I still need to grow up and stand up for my self.  I am involved in my painting and writing and find it relaxing.

~ by judylove64 on June 26, 2012.

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