Another day

Another day to look for my glasses, the phone, the teeth (which the dog sometimes grabs and chews) the medications that jump off my stand and travel thru space th that other parallel universe.  Someone on the other side must be wondering where all of these things come from especially if they are no knowledgeable of this subject

Well I am once again taking a sleeping aide but often have little or no memory of those hours of sleep.  Sometimes I eat and I guess sleep walk as well.  THis could be dangerous since I am not always fully dressed and I fear for my housemate’s life.  Do not think his heart could stand the shhock of a 68 year old flasher.

I have had two very upbeat days and I shooting for three though I did not win take four last night.

Have a blessed day to all of you

~ by judylove64 on June 22, 2012.

One Response to “Another day”

  1. May you have many, many more upbeat days ahead.

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