It started out one way and somewhere my mind took a turn:

                       I am a whole lot tired of everyone asking for money for this and for that even at church there are envelopes for anything imaginable. Going to the grocery store you can find each door veteran, school children, girl scouts even at Christmas bell ringers. Not for nothing I feel guilty when I do not offer a helping hand or pass by with a shrug. Sometimes I even stop and explain my lack of funds and if it is bitter cold or squelching hot I thank them for their efforts. Last year it was because I was literally single handedly supporting five people who with good intentions kept promising to pay rent. The only one who I should not count was Mom she was here and dying. (I miss her so much) but I have a funny felling she has not actually left. Strange things happen when there is no one around.

One such strange thing was after Rebecca’s birthday we had three balloons which lasted for over a week and finally Carol my daughter took them down stairs to the first floor of this split level ranch.3. Let me go back one balloon had a dinosaur which looked like a dragon. My mom liked to sing Puff the magic dragon to all of the grand’s while driving about. Moving forward I was sitting at my desk in the living room and it was directly opposite the room at the end of the hall where my mother stayed. The door was about8-10 inches ajar and in my pheriphal  I kept seeing something move. Well upon investigation I found the balloon behind the door; Strange I thought the kids must have done this. I asked and no one did it. Carol took the balloon down to the room directly under Mom’s. Suddenly Carol yelled Nanny is bring the balloon up -so I looked and up the stairs from the basement to the landing it came then turned and came the rest of the way- it got to the top and turned. It stopped aat mom’s door as I watched in amazement, I said “it is ok mom if you want the balloon you can have it” then it turned and came forward made a turn and went into the bathroom?

Air currents you say well it is possible but of the three balloons only the dragon balloon made this trek twice until Carol let the air out of it.

Other mysterious things happen noises or pictures falling over or the step stool which abruptly fell on the floor. Mommy had a sense of humor which one could say was like mine a bit warped so I can understand some of it.

Oh by the way on occasion the dog stares at the end of my bed and barks for no reason visible to me but some say animals can see the dead.

Love you mommy miss your physical form -wish if you are here I could see you.



~ by judylove64 on June 21, 2012.

One Response to “It started out one way and somewhere my mind took a turn:”

  1. Sometimes the presence of someone is enough to soothe. Embrace your mom with your heart and mind, knowing that she is with you. Hugs.

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