The ladder of life…

Last night I was awakened by the nightly BR run and while trying to return to dreamland had several thoughts (not unusual).  My first was life is like a ladder which everyone is clamoringto climb.  Some make their way to the top by climbing over others, some struggle to move up one step at a time and others are still at the bottom.  My thought is in the form of a question:  which one are you on?  I find that those somewhere in the middle still can recall the bottom clearly and are not afraid to reach down to help others move up.  The unfortunate thing is while there those at the top who could also help they have become so selfish in their quest to reach the top they will not help others.  Reminds me of the game “King of the Hill” they do not want to get kicked off their position at the top.

In my heart I think I receive these thoughts from above.

~ by judylove64 on June 19, 2012.

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