Last year my brother stayed with me for three months and he caused me some big expenses.  When his $50,000 partial divorce settlement came thru he packed up and went to Virgin Gorda for the winter.  I had his new Macy purchases left in my house (dropped from disgrunteled “girlfriend”)  This was in Oct.  they were in my garage and for 8 months nothing.  I tried to contact him about the mail and his belongings and his comment was get rid of it & send the mail back.  Being a scorpio I have the capacity to be vengeful.  I donated his new $500 worth of purchases to the church thrift shop to sell.  Now he is reaching out and after about three weeks of communicating would like to come and live here and oh by the way do you have my clothes and suitcase and legal papers?

What should I do?

Since water has seeped into the basement and caused moldd and mildew I thought I might just claim it damaged and thrown out- while I do not like becoming confrontational it would be an easier way to go but it still would not answer living here.  I guess I will need to tell him the real deal.  He offered to pay me something “but it would not be$400 since I cannot afford it”!  He is still awaiting $208 K from his ex’s retirement and the half of the $1 million or more house they mutally bought.  He goes thru money like x *@!* thru a tin horn.

~ by judylove64 on June 18, 2012.

One Response to “Dilemma”

  1. I just withdrew my offer for my brother to live here- he treats me like an idiot and it would not be a healthy situation for me to do over again

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