Things I must keep in mind -Thoughts I wrote to myself for days like today:


  • Set ongoing list of goals whether for cleaning your home or your life
  • Recognize your progress and give yourself the credit and praise-do not wait for others
  • Keep journal for reflection of growth and direction for the future
  • Recognize your physical or mental limitations but do not allow them to prevent you from completing
  • Outline work to be completed and break down into smaller units.  For example: clean the living room, then subdivide those areas as A),B), C) etc . 
  • Develop a mind set of “yes I can” then use your brain to work out how it can be done rather than allowing yourself to say “no I can’t”
  • Give God thanks for everything whether good or not and whether big or small
  • Remember that things can seem overwhelming if looked as a whole but if broken into smaller units once achieved add up to a job done
  • The more you accomplish the more momentum and motivation you will have
  • Recognize your own self worth and use your creative thoughts to reach goals

~ by judylove64 on June 12, 2012.

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