Roller coaster ride

The roller coaster ride of life is so emotionally draining.  One day you are up and then the bottom falls out and down you go.  While I take antidepressants I still get very down.  Looking back over the years I truly cannot say I have really been happy.  I can get myself into more messes without even consciously trying.  It is sad to be lonely even the dog cannot take the pain away.  Oh she tries; she must have been a comedian in a former life.  Though she was fixed she is a good mother watching over me and I think she even worries if I am sick.  I got her at six weeks old and she is as much my baby as if I carried her within me.  She acts like she is the alpha dog and I am her litter mate.  She is very good at letting me know what she wants even lets me know when it is bedtime.  People think I am crazy because I cater to her and she is what I seem to live for.

~ by judylove64 on June 12, 2012.

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