Does your doctor hear what you are saying?

Sometimes I think especially after seeeing the same physician over years become selectively deaf.  It is important to think about your complaint and write down pertainent and descriptive feelings, sensations of pain, when pain occurs and any information like is it radiating from point A to point B, is it sherp stabbing or dull and unrelenting.

I am going to a Doctor for depression and I think he sees 12 patients in an hour-literally “time is money” he does not ask how do you feel and he does not do theraputic sessions but can prescribe medications as he must be clairvoyant or has a crystal ball.  It annoys  me no end but I am told it is how psychiatrists work.  Any general paractioner would not order insulin or antihypertensives without checking the information first i.e. blood glucoses, blood pressure readings etc.

When going in to see him or  her do not say fine thank you when asked how are you though it is a polite answer it somehow dilutes your complaint.

~ by judylove64 on June 10, 2012.

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