the sleeping pill Ambein

For some it works well,others not at all and still others have disasterous effects.  I took it for over a year and during that perios raided the kitchen, made phone calls that I could not remember, and susained some severe injuries.

It is the latter that I wish to speak of:

  • I had several falls which resulted in blunt hear trauma and one in which I passed out.
  • I broke my wrist and kept telling people it was a sprain
  • Fell out of bed face forward and landed on a glass (water size) smashing it and cutting my eyebrow, nose and into tear duct- thank God it did not injure  my eye.
  • Dislocated my finger
  • and many less significant strange behaviors

With each incidient I slept through until the drug wore off and I found I was in pain and covered with blood and glass.  I have since stopped this drug thankfully before I started walking naked thru the streets.  I have decided that in future surgeries Ambein would work and when I awakened the work done.

~ by judylove64 on June 9, 2012.

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