Quantum Physics, parallel universes occuring in th same space…What do you think?

I have watched several thought provoking documentaries on this subject and am both fascinated and confused. One is What the Bleep do we know with many recognized quantum physicians sharing their opinion.  The other is the Secret which claims the law of attratction is like attracts like and if you revel in worry and negative beliefs the universe will give you more of the same but on the flip side to be positive and to live in hope more wonderful things will be showered down on you.  Just the mind set alone is important.  If ten thousand things came your way and you were consummed with worry and doubt you probably would not see even if face to face.

I am so stirred my the concept that time travel and multiple universes are a possibility -it gives me a feeling of hope.  Hope is an essential ingredient for happiness.

~ by judylove64 on June 9, 2012.

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