What has happened to the medical field?

As a nurse who graduated in 1964 I amd disheartened by the changes in medicine.  Back when patient care was personal and hands on with the patient’s concerns uppermost but now things are changing.  As a Patient in the h ospital two years ago I found the nurses aide did the interactions and vital signs not the RN.  The nurse pushed a cumbersome cart with medications and computer to each bedside which at night seemed to be the sound of a mac truck crashing into chairs to push his or her way thru the room to the patient on the far side of the room.

I a m not opposed to computers in fact my computer has become my best friend.  It is just that the energy of the nurse was more focused on her technological assistant than the patient.  The team of doctors nurses and the like were all supposed to be knowledgeable of each patient but when each came in to the room asked the same questions over and over, apparently not reading any reports or statements previously recorded.  It was as if you were being interegated for fear you might lie or have forgotten to say something pertainent.  If you had they did not read other enteries so what difference.  Some were concerned about patients but others were basically very distracted.  One  wonders if the recorded vital signs were posted by the CNA did the nurse have time to read and compare information with previous recordings and make assessments related to this vital information.

Being a nurse is a lot like detective work ppiecing crucial information together to provide an accurate evaluation of all of the parts.  And oh by the way what ever happened to back rubs?

~ by judylove64 on June 8, 2012.

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