Fracking a violation of our earth (poem)

Frick Frack!

Another attack

On earth, a god given gift

To hydraulically lift

Through shale breaking

The earth is quaking

Animals dying

Toxically trying

To extract

Another attack

For natural gas which will indeed

Heighten corporate powers greed.


Frickin’ Frackin’!

Why are we lackin’

The power to prevent

This disastrous event

We may soon resent,

Regret and repent!

Frick Frack!

Stop the Attack

Now before what it is done

That cannot be undone!

We may look back with gloom

~ by judylove64 on June 1, 2012.

One Response to “Fracking a violation of our earth (poem)”

  1. Poetry and art! This is wonderful.

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