Family bonding in the face of crisis

It is crucial for families to have invisible glue in the face of crisis while it may not be evident at first it must raise to the surface.  This includes all of its players.  While one may initiate the crisis causing the status quo to shift the need for change will surface and pain will be an outcome.   It is in most cases the resulting pain which causes all concerned to reflect and question their own specific motivations and roles.  Self-doubt and anger, insecurity of one’s own reasoning and behavior, and even finger pointing may erupt furthering the chaos.  Stepping back and calmly examining the whole situation is most often done with a third party who is uninvolved and impartial.  They can help to tease the snarled entanglement of emotions and questions by direct and objective observations.

~ by judylove64 on June 1, 2012.

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