Is life just a drama and we just pawns in a play?

Our choices shape the direction of our lives. This being true I am perplexed. In my earliest teaching I have learned God knows everything about us even before we were the “twinkle in our father’s eye”. So now if He were to know what we would do and think, why would He allow us to make wrong choices? Does this mean our choices were not “wrong” but rather a part of His plan for our lives? One of the prayers states “I have not loved my neighbors as myself”. If in fact I loved myself rather than putting myself second to everyone else then I could in honesty say these words. I find I am subservient to everyone else. I learned early on also that I needed to care for others- to make them laugh and feel better. As a nurse in the early 1960’s the concept of “angels of mercy” lingered on. For this reason I guess self-sacrificing is not unusual (at least not in my mind).

~ by judylove64 on May 31, 2012.

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