Vindicated finally


Today has been a good day!  I have been dragging my feet waiting to find out about the outcome of the NYS settlement in regards to a lawsuit pending since 2006 from an inmate.  It has kept me from getting malpractice insurance and possibly even a nursing position.  It has been over 6 weeks for me to get a final statement regarding their decision.  The Federal charges were dismissed and the NYS piece settled.  I just found out that the NYS part was a suit against NYS not me- wonderful.  They settled for $250,000 can you imagine?  Whatever he got I do not care it is over Thank God.  Six years it has been hanging over my head and I have lamented many hours for what-  I did not do anything to deliberately injure him nor ignore his complaint and my documentation upheld my decision to not send him Immediately to ER.

I am dancing happy tonight one more piece this year that has finalized and is over.  It is like an anti-climax but none the  less a victory for me

~ by judylove64 on May 14, 2022.

One Response to “Vindicated finally”

  1. What wonderful news! Although I did not know about this, I can rejoice in the resolution. Onward!

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