Who are you? This is the premise for the documentary Three Magic Words

In the documentary Three Magic Words (which I am still digesting), I have many thought provoking threads to tease out.  It is a commentary on “who am I”?  Many experts made remarks which were intriguing such as each person is an extension of God and that we all are a part of not only the other people but also all living things even extending into the universe.  Everything is comprised of atoms and depending on the speed at which they move can change their state of being.  For example a table or trees seem solid but it is because the molecules are moving at a high rate of speed appear solid.  However, all things solid, liquid, gaseous are molecules moving at different speeds and therefore take different shapes.  We too are a “community” of moving molecules and are also assuming a different form of being.  All of natures including mankind are related and integral parts of life.  The message I received is that God is not existing in an outside place and He is not as we chose to depict Him but rather He is within each of us, We all each an extension of God and he dwells within each person and thing.

This is just one more documentary that I have recently reviewed with a similar theory.  The concept is a mind opening and stimulating theory.  If I am God then I should be loving and open to all life and all people to achieve peace and harmony in my own existence.


~ by judylove64 on November 27, 2012.

One Response to “Who are you? This is the premise for the documentary Three Magic Words”

  1. Glad that you have an open mind about God.

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